Virkon Disindectants

Virkon® Disinfectant

The ultimate virucidal disinfectant that kills all 22 families in one safe cleaning action. It represents the first new approach to disinfection in forty years. Possesses the widest proven spectrum of any disinfectant available. Unique, synergised oxidising system based on potassium monopersulphate - works by the physical destruction of pathogens.



COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is an emerging virus
belonging to the Coronavirus (CoV) family.

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Virkon Benefits

Proven effective against all major pathogens known
to man:

  • Viruses HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, polio, lassa and rift valley fevers.
  • Bacteria Staphylococci, Streptococci, Proteus, Pseudomonas, Mycobacteria- (including TB) and all the major food poisoning bacteria. Proven against a wide range of antibiotic-resistant strains.
  • Fungi Candida and the common skin dermatophytes.
Offers maximum safety to staff and patients virkon solution
  • is non-irritant to skin
  • is non-irritant to eyes
  • does not possess a toxic vapour phase
  • protects staff and patients from all pathogen challenge

Virkon Powder

Virkon Tablets

Virkon Soluble Tablets are now available for the first time. In addition to the usual packs of Virkon powder, ie. 50gm Sachets, 500gm squeeze bottles and 5Kg drums, the 5gm tablet provides a new and quick way to make up 500ml of 1% Virkon solution. The tablet replaces the 10gm soluble sachet and has two major advantages over it's predecessor. Firstly, it dissolves much quicker and in a much cleaner fashion, and secondly they are much easier to pop into the neck of a trigger spray container, which is the application we see as being the most popular for this kind pack form. A 500ml trigger spray bottle can conveniently be used to dispense the solution and is available to purchase.

The tablets are packed either 10 to a small pot or 50 to a larger tub, thereby offering a tub size to suit all needs. Virkon is still the ultimate high level surface disinfectant suitable for use on surfaces in healthcare, laboratory, food preparation and production, catering, residential, hotel, transport, emergency services and public environments.

Widest range of clinical usage

Maximum cost effectiveness

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Compliance with Article 95(2) of Regulation (EU)
No. 528/2012, read here.