Room Thermometers

Room Thermometers

Day Impex produce standard and bespoke room thermometers for a multitude of applications. Our thermometers can assist the monitoring and regulating of temperature to assist with energy efficiency in buildings or aid the prevention of hypothermia amongst the vulnerable. They are simple to use and install and the full face display is a area where branding can be employed for marketing opportunities.


Elderly and vulnerable

For the prevention of cold related illness and hypothermia.

For vulnerable groups, for example the elderly, young children and infants, the disabled and those with a long term medical condition, keeping warm is a priority. The greatest danger to such persons is being unaware of their rooms becoming too cold.


Being too cold can lower resistance to illnesses, including bronchial conditions and exacerbating existing medical conditions. In the case of the elderly, exposure to the cold can lead to increased risk of falls and accidents and hypothermia.

The Day-Impex room thermometer is a useful tool to alert the individual when the room becomes too cold. Its design includes the following features:

Energy efficiency

A practical method of cutting fuel costs and saving energy.

Practising energy efficiency is essential for all companies, schools, universities and public buildings. Not only does this reduce the amount of harmful emissions fed into our atmosphere but it can effectively reduce your fuel costs.

What can I do?

Many workplaces are over-heated and uncomfortable. To ensure that your employees work in a pleasantly warm environment, put up an energy saving room thermometer. This will advise when your workplace is at a comfortable ambient temperature between (18-21˚C) and will alert you when the room is too hot, by pointing to the red side of the dial, which prompts you to lower the room temperature thereby saving fuel costs.

Advice given by government and other energy advisory bodies suggests that each time you turn your heating up 1˚C your fuel costs will increase by 8% or £65.00.

The Day-Impex room thermometer is a simple design, has an easy to read coloured dial with hairspring and pointer. Supplied with an adhesive pad for positioning. Not to be place above a heater or in a window.


Some examples of customised dials are shown below.

Backing Card

If preferred, thermometers may be affixed to a backing card offering helpful tips and advice:

  • For the elderly and vulnerable groups – keeping warm in an affordable way.
  • For energy efficiency – how to cut fuel costs and save energy.

Why not customise your room thermometer?

If you are planning a campaign for the elderly or vulnerable groups for the winter months or if you wish to raise awareness of the benefit of maintaining an optimum room temperature in a working environment, then use our room thermometer – either on its own or mounted on a backing card.

These can be personalised in the following ways:

  • Company or organisation logo
  • Campaign hotline numbers
  • Campaign slogan
  • Decide your own ambient temperature to suit your working environment
  • Create your own list of helpful hints

We welcome your call to discuss the various design and price options.


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