Virkon Disindectants

Outdoor Flasks

Tough glass flasks ideal for safe and easy food transportation. A special range of glass vacuum flasks designed for outdoor use. Three sizes, each featuring a shock-proof glass liner, super-vacuum insulated for maximum efficiency. fitted in smart polished stainless-steel cool-to-touch outer cases, complete with clipped lids and carrying handles food flask, camping flask.


Benefits of Our Flasks

Smart, Professional and Durable

Easy to carry or transport a must for all outdoor activities made for the hunting, shooting, fishing and camping fraternities glass refill flasks easily fitted.

Performance and efficiency data

Ice Cube Test
Each flask was filled with ice-cubes, and left until half of the cubes remained. The test was carried out with the lid on.

Cubes remaining*
S1 3 days (72 hours) 50%
S2 4 days (96 hours) 50%
S3 6 days (144 hours) 50%

* Remaining cubes strained through seive and volume measured.

Hot Liquid Test
Hot water, coffee, hot soup ; each flask 90% filled. The test was carried out with the lid on. Graph showing actual measured temperature of contents vs time.


Available sizes:


Glass inner size
(Internal Dia. x Depth)

S1 85mm x 185mm 1 Litre
S2 105mm x 205mm 2 Litres
S3 150mm x 280mm 4.5 Litres (1 Gallon)

Handling and Cleaning Hints