Day-Impex was founded 22nd July 1946 by Guy Berger and his brother-in-law, David Yorke. Based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex Day-Impex imported and exported glass giftware, quickly establishing that many of the products such as thermometers, could be manufactured in-house. This transformed the company and it has remained a glass manufacturer to this day.

New product fields were developed: components for cathode ray tubes and quartz crystal devices; the repair and re-gunning of the TV tubes; neon signs; timer glasses, and in 1965, at the request of Matthew Hall, glass bulbs for fire sprinklers.

In 1964 the glass manufacturing activities were transferred to our present base in Earls Colne, near Colchester in Essex. The neon-sign business remained in Southend and was sold in 1985.

The present Managing Director, Graham Berger, first joined the company to work with his father Guy Berger in 1966. Guy retired and brother Stuart Berger joined Day-Impex in 1975 and since then Graham and Stuart have managed the company together.

In the 1970's, product development led to the introduction of the DILVAC range of Dewar (vacuum) Flasks and other laboratory glass products. Great emphasis was also given to the expansion of the sprinkler bulb line, and this expansion has continued to the present day, to the extent that sprinkler bulbs are the company's No.1 product.

In 1990, recognising the need for greater personal hygiene in the workplace and laboratory environments, the LabGUARD and ProCare (with VIRKON) range of laboratory hygiene products were launched. The range has now established itself as a market leader.

Components for the giftware industry have been ever-present in the company's product portfolio. Hour glasses, time glasses and thermometers were among the first items produced, and are being produced today, supplemented by a range of weather instruments.

Day-Impex today...

Today the company employs 35 people, and will celebrate its 70th year in business in 2016. Privately owned by the Berger brothers, the company looks forward with the hope that Day-Impex Ltd will continue its long tradition of serving a diversity of markets covered by its wide product ranges.